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The GoTap system from Essential NFC

Tap - Learn - Buy

The GoTap System is the fast and convenient way dealers can enhance the car buying experience for automotive customers. By using an NFC enabled Smartphone clients can 'Tap' their NFC enabled phone on the GoTap system sticker on a new or used car and get all the vehicle details right in their hand.

The GoTap System sticker can be programmed from the Dealer Dashboard to open a smartphone web browser and point to any car information available online.

Use the GoTap System to give customers the informational web page of any new or used vehicle on your lot as they walk around the physical vehicle. And, at the same time get real time analytics on the Dealer dashboard of hits and taps on each sticker. Decrease lost sales and increase returning potential clients!

How? Because if the client leaves you location for any reason, ie: to price shop, they still have the vehicle webpage loaded right on their smartphone from when they tapped the GoTap sticker. This can increase the chances of a followup call, or visit, to complete the purchase by tenfold. And, the GotTap system gives dealerships invaluable insight into what the consumer is shopping for, both with a salesman assisting them and when a client comes on property after hours to browse inventory with the built in tap analytics. is part of the platform of products. EssentialNFC is focused on interactive websites, marketing campaign analytics and Smartphone apps that leverage Near Field Communication.

EssentialNFC does everything NFC except payments and payment processing. Why? While payments are the hot topic for NFC today, we see that NFC will be a long term part of the emerging 'internet of things'. The 'Internet of Things' is the idea that we can create a connection between real world items and online data. NFC does this with a touch based 'tap' of a sticker on an object by an NFC enabled smartphone.

GoTap Products Serve

The modern marketing needs of the Automotive Industry

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  • Merge Online Information and Physical Product
    • Use Any Website for Vehicle Details
    • Default to your Business Website
  • Track 'Taps' for analytics

Private Sellers

  • Get that car SOLD!
    • Get details to potential buyers when you aren't there
    • Special 1 time use stickers -- coming soon
  • Got a Classic? Show it's details off with NFC
    • Use NFC to provide details of all your Hard Work
    • Classic Car Tags allow people to tap a tag and get details on your car
    • Keep potential buyers interested
    • Classic Car tag -- coming soon


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